Developer's Library

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Front End Work:

Hand coded. Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Back End Work: PHP, MYSQL

100% Hand Coded. Site constructed using Object Oriented PHP to create layout. PHP connects to MYSQL database where all data is stored. SQL queries done via stored procedures for security against Injections. Includes search bar, and user input for suggestions.

EZ calculus

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Front End Work:

Designed the website and customized the CSS and regions and created the logo.

Back End Work: (Drupal)

I installed all modules on this site. I also currently maintain it.
Added these features: Automatic database backups, Paypal IPN notification, newsletters, contact form, SEO optimization Google Analytics, Google Adsense, video embedding, and more...

Luxury Auto

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Front End Work

Designed website from scratch using HTML5 and CSS3

Back End Work: (PHP)

Changed original HTML design into PHP objects for OOP dynamic design.

Added PHP processing and validation for all input fields

Header menu dynamically generated by PHP.

Raymond in motion

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Front End Work

eh hem... I also designed the website that you are currently on from scratch using html5 and CSS3.

Icing on the cake :-)